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Not sure where you want to shoot your next subject? WePINME

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! My husband and I spent the week with family in Oklahoma and it was just what I needed (especially the excessive amounts of pie…er maybe not).

There were so many beautiful open spaces there and I wanted to shoot so badly! It got me thinking: what are some things you can consider when choosing your next shoot location?


I always like to ask if bloggers have any place in particular they want to shoot. This way it’s even more personalized for their blog.

Here are six things you can consider when trying to decide a location:


Is there a certain style you want the shoot to have? Do you want it to be more of an urban or natural location? Colorful, modern, simple, rustic? That’s a great place to start and narrow down from there.


Are there any locations that mean something to you? Maybe somewhere you love spending time or that tells a story about you or what you do (e.g., flower market if you’re a florist). This can also help you feel more relaxed while shooting, which is always a good thing. 


If you’re not familiar with the area or town you’ll be shooting in (and you don’t want to drive all the way there) you can use Google Earth or Maps to scout out new places. I’ve used both and they’ve been pretty helpful with scouting.

(I actually spent quite a while the other night trying to find out where a shoot happened based on the buildings around it, and it worked)!


Not a fan of shooting around other people? Choose somewhere that would most likely be less crowded so you don’t have people in your background and you can be more relaxed since nobody’s watching.  


Keep in mind the time of day you’re shooting. If you’re shooting by buildings or large structures that block the sun, you may not have as much light or time as if you were shooting in a field or open part of town. Just something to keep in mind.


Remember that even if the location isn’t as good as you’d planned, this shoot is more about you than anything around you. So don’t let it ruin your shoot — you’re the best part. ;)

Now I’d love to share my shoot with Sam Bigley of The Heart of the House! This location was great because there were so many areas we could move around and they all looked a little different. 

Sam_02aPINME Sam_05aPINME Sam_43aPINME Sam_06aPINME Sam_07aPINME

Would love to know if you have any tips for choosing locations! 

I’m currently booking shoots for December and the new year! If you want to find out more about shooting with me or book a shoot you can do so here. Or contact me at hello(at)meganmuellerblog(dot)com with any questions!

P.S. Are you on Instagram? (It’s my absolute favorite!) I’d love to connect — you can find me @meganmweaver.

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