New York Fashion Week SS 2015 // Part 2

In September 2014, I traveled to New York to shoot street style during Fashion Week. Here are my favorites from day 1 of shooting! (If you missed Part 1, you can catch up here!)

Megan_Weaver_57aPINME Megan_Weaver_58aPINME Megan_Weaver_59aPINME Megan_Weaver_60aPINME Megan_Weaver_61aPINME Megan_Weaver_62aPINME Megan_Weaver_63aPINME Megan_Weaver_64aPINME Megan_Weaver_65aPINME NY_01aPINME Megan_Weaver_66aPINME Megan_Weaver_67aPINME Megan_Weaver_68aPINME Megan_Weaver_69aPINME Megan_Weaver_70aPINME Megan_Weaver_71aPINME Megan_Weaver_72aPINME Megan_Weaver_73aPINME Megan_Weaver_74aPINME Megan_Weaver_75aPINME Megan_Weaver_76aPINME Megan_Weaver_77aPINME Megan_Weaver_78aPINME Megan_Weaver_79aPINME Megan_Weaver_80aPINME Megan_Weaver_81aPINME Megan_Weaver_82aPINME Megan_Weaver_83aPINME Megan_Weaver_84aPINME Megan_Weaver_85aPINME Megan_Weaver_86aPINME Megan_Weaver_87aPINME Megan_Weaver_88aPINME Megan_Weaver_89aPINME Megan_Weaver_90aPINME Megan_Weaver_91aPINME Megan_Weaver_92aPINME Megan_Weaver_93aPINME Megan_Weaver_94aPINME Megan_Weaver_95aPINME Megan_Weaver_96aPINME Megan_Weaver_97aPINME Megan_Weaver_98aPINME Megan_Weaver_99aPINME Megan_Weaver_100aPINME Megan_Weaver_101aPINME NY_03aPINME

Megan Weaver Dallas blogger photographer

If you missed NYFW Part 1, you can find it here!

Want to book a shoot with me? You can find out more and book a shoot here. 


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