New York Fashion Week SS 2015 // Part 3

I’m excited to share the third and final part of my time shooting street style at NYFW in September 2014. On this day I got to see one of my favorite models, Coco Rocha (and freaked out a bit)! Mostly, I loved being able to capture people on their way in and out of the shows and all the different styles represented at Lincoln Center.

(If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 feel free to catch up!)

Megan_Weaver_102aPINME Megan_Weaver_103aPINME Megan_Weaver_104aPINME Megan_Weaver_105aPINME Megan_Weaver_106aPINME Megan_Weaver_107aPINME Megan_Weaver_108aPINME Megan_Weaver_109aPINME Megan_Weaver_110aPINME Megan_Weaver_111aPINME Megan_Weaver_112aPINME Megan_Weaver_113aPINME Megan_Weaver_114aPINME Megan_Weaver_115aPINME Megan_Weaver_116aPINME Megan_Weaver_117aPINME Megan_Weaver_119aPINME Megan_Weaver_120aPINME Megan_Weaver_121aPINME Megan_Weaver_122aPINME Megan_Weaver_123aPINME Megan_Weaver_124aPINME Megan_Weaver_125aPINME Megan_Weaver_126aPINME Megan_Weaver_127aPINME Megan_Weaver_128aPINME Megan_Weaver_129aPINME Megan_Weaver_130aPINME Megan_Weaver_131aPINME Megan_Weaver_132aPINME Megan_Weaver_133aPINME Megan_Weaver_134aPINME Megan_Weaver_135aPINME Megan_Weaver_136aPINME Megan_Weaver_137aPINME Megan_Weaver_138aPINME Megan_Weaver_139aPINME Megan_Weaver_140aPINME Megan_Weaver_141aPINME Megan_Weaver_142aPINMEOne of my favorite models – Coco Rocha. (ah!)

Megan_Weaver_143aPINME Megan_Weaver_144aPINME Megan_Weaver_145aPINME Megan_Weaver_146aPINME Megan_Weaver_147aPINME Megan_Weaver_148aPINME Megan_Weaver_149aPINME Megan_Weaver_150aPINME Megan_Weaver_151aPINME Megan_Weaver_152aPINME


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