Brighten Brunches: Online Mentoring for Bloggers & Photographers

Over the last couple years, bloggers and photographers have asked if they could take me out for coffee and pick my brain to learn how I’ve started and grown my business – specifically in the blog photography niche. 

While I’d love to personally meet each and every one of you and answer your questions – it would be ambitious of me to do so while keeping up with everything in my business. 

However – I still want to help you in a way that works for both of us – and I absolutely love encouraging people like you who are going for their dreams and scary goals. 


That’s why I’ve decided to offer Brighten Brunches – a virtual way for you and I to “meet” face to face and tackle anything you’re currently struggling with as a blogger or photographer.

You can ask me anything and (almost) no subjects are off limits. We can focus on your blogging questions, marketing, photography, how to get started in a niche market – your choice.

And I’ll follow up with you a week from when we meet to check in and see how you’re progressing. 

I’ve photographed and worked with hundreds of bloggers and women entrepreneurs (after moving to Dallas and not knowing anyone three years ago), quit my job to do photography full time one year ago, have had my work featured on sites like Rue Magazine, The Style Line and Pure Wow to name a few, and have been a featured speaker for five live events, with more on the calendar this year. 

It’s taken a lot of courage, failure and confidence – but I know what’s possible for you when you go all in on something you love. 

You’ll be able to share your top questions with me before we meet and we’ll talk about those during our hour together. 

If this is something you need to help take your blog or photography business to the next level, I’d love to meet you. 

My in person sessions typically start at $130/hour, but since this is the first time I’ve offered online sessions, the investment is only $97 per person.

This is an introductory price and is only available for the first 15 people who sign up (there are 14 spots left). 

Interested? You can secure your virtual brunch with me immediately right here.

Once you’ve paid, I’ll email you with more information about our brunch within 24 hours. 

Here are the details again:  

  • Who: You and me!
  • What: Tackling your biggest pain points with your blog or photography business in an hour  – I’ll also follow up with you via email one week from when we meet
  • When: We’ll schedule an upcoming time that works for both of us
  • Where: Live Google Hangout (you can join me from anywhere in the world) 
  • Why: I want to help you grow your blog or photography business with the three years of experience I have in the blog photography industry

Have any questions for me? Email hello(at)megan-weaver(dot)com and I’d love to help!