Style Stories // for fashion bloggers

Would you love to take your blog’s photography to the next level?

Have you ever wished you could share gorgeous and professional pictures of yourself with your readers?

Are you slightly embarrassed with the quality of your blog’s photography?

Do you wish you didn’t have to spend so much time trying to shoot and edit pictures and could focus completely on developing your blog?


I’ve shot with hundreds of fashion and lifestyle bloggers over the last four years and have been able to create beautiful images that reflect their brand and blog.  I’m passionate about showcasing your talent, personality and style! Your readers will be able to see the best version of you, without any low quality pictures getting in the way.




Up to 2 Outfits

Includes 20 edited images of your choice, 40 minutes  // $130+tax

Up to 3 Outfits

Includes 30 edited images of your choice, 60 minutes // $185+tax

Up to 4 Outfits

Includes 40 edited images of your choice, 1 hour 20 minutes // $235+tax

Up to 5 Outfits

Includes 50 edited images of your choice, 1 hour 40 minutes // $285+tax


Additional outfits after 5 are $60/each and include 10 edited images of your choice. Pricing subject to change without notice. Outfits must be shot consecutively on the same day in one location. No unedited or RAW images are released for client use.  Sessions cannot be adjusted. Studio options available on request at additional cost. Additional transportation charge required for shoots outside Dallas, based on mileage. Edited images delivered within 1-2 weeks from choosing favorites, based on the session. Rush editing is available at an additional fee for images needed before one week, based on amount of images and date needed.



  • Can I choose the location for the shoot? Yes! If you have a location in mind we can shoot there. If you don’t have a location in mind, I’ll work with you to decide the best possible place for your blog based on your outfits.
  • How long have you been shooting with bloggers? I’ve specialized in shooting with style and lifestyle bloggers since 2013 and love it!
  • Where do I change in between outfits? This is totally up to you! Bloggers have changed in nearby stores and shops or in their cars. If you’d rather avoid those options, I have a convenient pop-up changer you’re welcome to use.
  • How are my images delivered? I use Pixieset to deliver unedited proofs and Dropbox for final high-res edited images.
  • How will my photos be edited? I provide retouching for each photo individually using Photoshop (because each one is different and deserves special attention!) This includes adjustments to exposure, color and contrast. Requests for additional touch-ups to photos are available at $10 per photo which includes but is not limited to removing stray hairs, blemishes, distractions in the photo etc.
  • What file types do you deliver? Once you choose your favorite images (number will depend on the shoot) I will edit and provide high-res images (for Instagram) as well as custom resized images to fit the width of your blog.
  • What is your editing turnaround look like? My turnaround time is 1-2 weeks from the day you choose your favorite images, depending on the number of outfits booked. Please plan your post date with this 1-2 week turnaround in mind. Rush editing is available at an additional cost based on the amount of images and date needed.
  • Can I bring a friend to the shoot? Absolutely! If you’ve got a friend who helps you relax and/or makes you laugh, or you just want to have another person there feel free!
  • What is a typical shoot like? Very relaxed and fun. I like to have your favorite music on while we’re shooting to help you relax and enjoy the shoot. We’ll spend about 20 minutes on each outfit depending on the shoot and I’ll help direct you so you’re not lost.
  • Do you only shoot with bloggers? No – in addition to shooting with style and lifestyle bloggers, I also shoot portraits for creatives and entrepreneurs, products and interiors.





I know you’re talented and have an immense gift to offer the world with your blog. Don’t wait to start sharing your outfits because you’re embarrassed of your blog’s photography.
Let’s make it happen! You deserve to have your life and outfits beautifully documented.

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