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Hey there! Today (January 18th) is my 29th birthday and to celebrate, I’m hosting a giveaway and there will be TWO

4 Reasons your Blog Images are Blurry & Grainy (and how to fix it)

Hey there! Today’s post was inspired by a question I received from a blogger who’s taking my free photography

6 Posing Tips for Bloggers from Model Coach De’Ana Fierce

I am so excited about today’s topic because it’s something that bloggers ask me about frequently and I think it

How to Shoot Indoors with Natural Light

Have you ever planned an outfit or portrait shoot for your blog outside, only to find out it’s actually going to be

3 Ways to Capture the Best Angles on Your Blog Shoots

I was talking with a style blogger a few months ago and she said the one thing she wishes her boyfriend would capture

What I Learned from Shooting at NYFW

This September I packed my (surprisingly small) bag and made my way to New York Fashion Week. . The first time I went

The One Thing You Need to be A Great Photographer (Aside From A Camera)

In the past month, my husband and I have moved from our one-room apartment into our first home! Complete with a yard,

7 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Photos

If you’re anything like me, you probably check or post on Instagram multiple times a day. And with each photo,

How to Create Blurry Backgrounds in Your Photos

You know what I love doing when I shoot portraits? Making the background of the photo reaaaally blurry. . I’m sure

4 Tips for Your Personal Blog Photographer

I’m guessing at some point as a blogger you’ve had your boyfriend/husband/bestie take your pictures for your

Manual Mode for Style Bloggers

. Have you ever tried to shoot in manual mode and kept giving up because it was so freaking hard? I’m over here

10 Ways to Use Your Images to their Fullest Potential Online (So You Can Drive More Traffic to Your Blog)

If you’ve ever planned a photo shoot for your blog, you know how much work goes into it — from planning everything,

Why Having a Niche Blog Can Work in Your Favor

What do you want to be known for? . Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner (or both), I’ve found this is a

3 Lighting Tips to Improve Your Next Blog Shoot

Wanna know the one thing I’m most concerned about when it comes to planning my shoots? . The

How to Plan a Creative Editorial Shoot for Your Blog // Part 4: How to Work with Your Blog Photographer

One of the biggest parts of planning your blog’s creative shoot (or any shoot for that matter) is finding and working